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I always wanted to be a writer. As a kid I used a stamp pad and rubber letter stampers to create a “newspaper” – it was messy and didn’t last long. In high school, we made rubber cement “boogers” while gluing copy to the non-repro blue grids to create the school newspaper. After college in the mid 80s, I fell into selling desktop publishing because I could wow prospect by showing them how easy it was to get perfect boxes without line tape, exacto blade and mitre cuts. Through the years I’ve ghost written, pitched and otherwise used words and letters to tell other stories, but not often my own.

When I explained to my mother that part of my work was writing expertise articles for executives that would be published trade magazines – she thought it was terribly unfair I wasn’t getting any credit. Typically I’m a behind the scenes kind of girl. Happiest when being creative and applying using unusual combinations to solve problems. Professionally trained as a marketer, with an eclectic collection of experiences. Being a mom, a daughter, a sister, a wife, a good friend and colleague, a pal and prayer partner, entrepreneur and employee. Perhaps those adventures, the ups and downs, will inspire and brighten the days for others.

So it’s with some trepidation that I press the publish button here to share personal accounts of my experiences and observations (that’s why it’s em-perical). Hopefully you’ll really like it – and then I’ll keep doing it.

Of course, I need to acknowledge that my profession as a communication strategist makes up a huge aspect of my life – one I have a terrible time turning off. So to see that aspect of my life visit  my business blog emboldenbiz or  my business website.

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