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Snow. . . It’s to Dye for

January 21, 2014

Snow dye in process

Somewhere underneath this “snow cone” is 1/2 yard white cotton.

If I lived somewhere tropical I could subscribe to “When life gives you lemons. . .” Instead we’ve endured a few bitter blasts from the dreaded Polar Vortex (it even sounds like an evil villain).

Being perpetually curious when I heard about snow dying from members of the Minneapolis-St. Paul American Sewing Guild, I just had to try it. I’d seen (and even produced a video for Women In Networking) about the shibori dying with Sandra Brick from Textured Elements.

ASG member Lori Clark took us through some of the science and explained the prep work of mixing the dyes. While the fabric soaked in a soda ash and water solution, we arranged a “sling” to hold the fabric out of the melted snow/dye mixture that would drip into a plastic storage bin. Thoroughly wrung out fabric was artfully arranged in swirls and twists on the sling, fresh snow was heaped over the fabric. The very intense dye, squirted with some planning over the snow, looked like a crazy monster snow cone. We popped lids on the storage boxes and brought them home to sit in the stationery tub overnight.

Rinsed fabric in process.

I had to hang the fabric up to admire it after a few rinses!

This evening I took a break from my seemingly endless “gotta do this right now” list to unfurl the fabric and begin to rinse. So far, so good. There’s more rinsing to do, but that will need to wait. But for now I can ponder what I might do with this very interesting 1/2 yard of fabric.

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