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National Sewing Month #9 – A Sander, A Serger and A Stapler

September 18, 2012

It’s all the rage to repurpose. I totally get that. Over the years changes in the economy have made things that were once uncool now “hip and trendy”.  Recently it’s been a real theme at our house- I’ve remade torn jeans into tote bags and neckties into roses, so why not re-do a bed?

Our daughter has been sleeping on a daybed since she “graduated” from the crib. We tried a toddler bed – but it wan’t her “thing” and so into the daybed she went. It worked great, except for the part about making the bed – that has been a big problem. Her arms simply weren’t long enough to reach across the daybed to pull the covers up.

The Newly Refinished Headboard

Using the pneumatic stapler to fasten the bookcase back into the refinished headboard.

Problem solved! A $5 bookcase headboard at a garage sale, some sanding, some gloss gel paint and a good weather weekend for the paint to dry. I kept some large fabric scraps from the Waverly Norfolk Rose and Country Fair fabric collections that has decorated her room from before birth (I’ll admit, putting the rose border up 4 weeks before she was born – I worried “what if the ultrasound was wrong?” )

I had just enough of the Country Fair to serge the edges and wrap the fabric around the back of the bookcase. So we stapled it on and the headboard was completed and installed on the bed last night.

This morning – after the alarm went off – I discovered the bed neatly made! It worked – at least for now.

And that is the story of how a sander and serger and a stapler helped me complete an unexpected project for National Sewing Month.

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