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National Sewing Month – Say it isn’t sew

September 15, 2012

Every now and again I get to “play” on Pinterest. It’s much more environmentally sound for me to collect interesting items as bits and bytes instead of as print outs in folders somewhere or sticky notes that get misplaced.

Pinwheel wreath made of fabric

After a little experimentation – this no sew pinwheel wreath went together easily.

Somehow I got on a thread of wreaths (now there’s an unintentional pun!) – there were lots of cool ones – including a pinwheel of double-sided scrapbook paper. And so I decided I would make one of fabric. It took a little experimenting – but I’m pleased to say it came together about as I expected it to.

I used a bundle of 9 by Sanae for Moda fat quarters that I picked up several years ago on a trip to the UP. There’s a terrific quilt shop/fabric store called Jeri’s Quilt Patch in Norway, MI.

Quick instructions:
Collect a set of fat quarters that complement one another (and that you love)
A foam wreath form
Pellon- Peltex 72F Double-sided Fusible Ultra Firm Stabilizer
Buttons or Fabric Yoyos
Hot melt glue gun

Cut the Peltex into 5 inch square pieces. My wreath used 8 squares.
Cut the fabric in 5.25 inch squares. Following directions on the Peltex – fuse the fabric with your iron.
Carefully “square” fabric to neaten edges. For an interesting effect you could pink the edges or use a serger to finish the edges.
On each corner, make a 45 degree cut through all layers about 2.5 inches. Be careful not to cut all the way through the square.
Take the left corner of each cut and hot glue it to the center – this make the pinwheel “twist”. Do the same with the 3 remaining corners and then use hot glue to apply a button to the center of the pinwheel as well. At this stage I also pushed a small sewing pin through one of the holes in the button. This helped me to arrange them on the foam wreath.
When you’ve finished all the pinwheels – you may want to pin them on the wreath to determine the most pleasing arrangement. Once you have them where you want them – apply hot glue to the back (and even a bit to the pin for extra hold) and affix them to the foam wreath.
Add a hanger (hot glue a ribbon loop  or a loop of florist wire) and collect the compliments!

See – I said it wasn’t sew!

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