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National Sewing Month #6 – In a Bind… Again?

September 9, 2012

Sewing Caddy

I’d long admired a sewing caddy like this. A recent request meant making one on behalf of a friend and tackling my aversion to making bias bindings.

I was asked to do something. . . to make something for someone else. In the beginning it all seemed fine. “Sure, no problem.” I really even looked forward to it and then boom. The project got a little complicated, because I seem to be geometry challenged when it comes to making bias binding.

I completely understand the concept of cutting fabric on the bias so that it has a level of stretch that allows us sewista types to do amazing things with it. But for some unknown reason the process – the squaring, cutting, stitching, folding and ironing – exhaust and frustrate me. I think it’s that I don’t do it enough and that throws me off every time, leaving me reluctant to do that again.

But I did it! I managed to do it. One mis-measured strip left me a bit short of 5 yards but provided me with enough lovely wide bias tape to conclude the project – a sewing gadget holder with inside and outside pockets. One more project completed this National Sewing Month!

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