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National Sewing Month #4 – In a Bind

September 8, 2012

I was a little delayed in posting this – because. . . well I was in a bind – literally and figuratively.

Probably about 10 years ago – our neighbors across the alley had a little girl. They visited us for dinner and she was such a cute toddler – I decided to make her an apron. (I think we had talked about cooking that night.)

Handmade Teddy Bear Cobbler Apron

“Miles and miles” (I exaggerate a little) of narrow binding adorns this festive teddy bear cobbler apron.

With best of intentions a yard or so of patriotic teddy bear fabric was cut to make a charming cobbler style apron complete with what seems now like miles of bias binding – very narrow bias binding as directed by the designer/pattern company. Then I got busy and the project was shelved – other projects came and went. Some completed, some not. My daughter was born, kept me busy and grew. She outgrew the prospect for the apron ages ago (even though I tried to see if she could model it for this post.)

As part of my September National Sewing Month Challenge – I “dusted” off the apron and began. . . and so did the headache. The pattern called for binding around just about every seam – and because the apron is a toddler size 3 – the 1/4 inch seam allowance seems tiny.

Flashback to an American Sewing Guild Neighborhood Group Meeting two years ago at Sewtropolis in south Minneapolis. The owner, Nikol, had invited a representative from one of the sewing machine dealers in to share ideas with the group. We all got to try a number of things. Two standouts for me were sewing flat (or sew through) buttons on by machine (I did that on another project very soon after!) and a binding foot. It was the slickest thing to slip the bias binding into the sewing machine foot and simply stitch. (OK – it took some practice – but it was pretty cool how the design of the foot did most of the hard work!) Wishing I would have had one of those binding feet this week – it would have gotten me out of the bind I was in!

I have to admit – that’s one of the benefits of membership in the American Sewing Guild’s local chapter. I’ve learned to take some “risks” in my sewing – trying things I might have been reluctant to do before (like twin needle). Of course I love the discount with sewing retailers – that’s paid for my annual membership each year! The Guild does educational programs throughout the year – I’m kind of hoping I get keep some time clear to attend Bold Over Batiks this fall. And I have some projects to finish for the Fall Fashion Show (which I am also responsible for coordinating – I have a great committee, so they make it easy!)

Now. . . what to do with this little size 3 cobbler apron?

Disclaimer – I am a member of the American Sewing Guild and have also worked as a sewing instructor at Sewtropolis.

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