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National Sewing Month #2 – Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose

September 3, 2012

Last weekend I had the great fun of making a presentation about mending and clothing restyling for the Eco-Experience at the Minnesota State Fair. I’ve sewn on my share of buttons, busted a few heavy duty jeans needles patching my husband’s and my jeans. The jeans beyond repair have in some cases been converted into tote bags.

A contrast collar and addition to the bottom of the shirt helped make it a more presentable fit for school and play.

One project I’ve meant to take on almost all summer has been restyling several of Justine’s tee shirts that had torn cuffs, small holes and scruffy necklines.  I cut, stitched, ripped out, ironed, redid and finally needed to declare a truce. And so day 2 of National Sewing Month concluded in frustration.

Not to be beaten – I woke up early this morning and restyled another of her teeshirts. It was one I made for her earlier this year. It seemed to to too short and I wasn’t happy with the twin needle stitching. So I inserted a contrast collar and extended the length and then finished off the hems with a lettuce edge finish.

Those other two tee shirts are still calling me. So I may tackle them later this month.

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