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Be Still & Know

January 26, 2012

Cottontail bunny hides in a lilac thicket.

Calmly the cottontail bunny sits still waiting for the threat of a human and a dog to pass by.

When was the last time you were still – really still? It’s difficult in today’s world. We have places to be, traffic to navigate, drop offs and pick ups to complete. Is homework done? Oops – there goes my dumb smartphone meaning someone somewhere must need something. We bound through the minutes that make up a day solving problems, completing tasks and fending off disasters – personal and professional.

Imagine my surprise one winter morning walking the dog to observe a bunny huddled neatly camouflaged in a lilac thicket with his tail end pressed tightly against a wooden privacy fence. There was – at best – 24 inches between him (or her) and me and my dog on the sidewalk. From previous experience I know there is a dog that lives in the yard behind the fence – a big, ferocious barking dog that tears up and down the length of the fence if we go by when he is out. It’s a tough spot for a bunny to be in and yet he sits still.

How often do we as humans find ourselves in tough spots? And what’s our typical response? Perhaps we fret and fuss? Maybe we push and persevere? There’s always the option to whine and wallow.

It seems that bunny knows there could be a threat, but realizes that to do anything but be still would put him in greater danger, under more stress. I’d like to believe that bunny “gets it” and that by sitting still he (as a creature of God) secures a dose of calm from on high. I’d bet God actually put bunny there to teach me a thing or two about trying to do it on my own, in stubborn, independent, self confident way. God used a little cottontail rabbit to get my attention and draw me closer to him.

Bunny, my dog and I now have a regular appointment each morning. Dog and I wander past – dog on a tight leash, but seemingly oblivious. I peer through the brown branches to observe the huddle of fur and the shiny brown eyes knowing the God has given me a special gift because I took the time to be still and know Him.

Be still and know that I am God – Psalm 46:10

What about you? What time to you take to be still and know that God is with you?

Father God –
Thank you for the blessing of your presence in our every day lives – even if we seem to forget that you are there each and every second. Bless our labor and our leisure and help us rest confidently in the knowledge that you work all things for good. Amen

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