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I’m All Out of Love – What’s a Mom to Do?

April 14, 2011

As I hit publish early yesterday morning on a blog about God directing me in the midst of a parenting meltdown, the alarm in the bedroom down the hall rang out. The raucous crowing combined with some station the plays the “hits” – or at least songs as I knew them in the 80s.

Little 6 year old feet trupple down the hardwood hallway – and a tousled blonde head appears. Most of my daughter’s body is hidden behind an armful of precious stuffed animals – Brownie bear, the blue dog I received in 2nd grade, the How the Grinch Stole Christmas dog (a gift from my college roommate and her family this past holiday).

Then the tears. . . “what’s wrong honey?” I ask, stepping away from my desk.

“Momma, I’m all out of love. . .” gasp and sob. More tears roll down the pink cheeks, “I don’t know where to find it. I don’t know if there is any more.”

What’s a mom to do?

Part of me wanted to channel the cassette tape I received of Air Supply in 1982 and belt out the hit tune. Nah. . . that wasn’t going to evoke giggles.

So we cuddled, despite the fact we had school and work to attend. We cuddled, hugged, I wiped away tears, we talked. We got off to school and work – not too devastatingly late. It was killer difficult not to call in a mental health day and just figure out what fun things we could do. I realized it probably not a good trend to start just yet, but it was tempting.

It did leave me a bit haunted through the day. I shared the observation with my husband, with colleagues and Facebook friends, even called my mom. Their feedback reduced my unsettled feeling.

The evening was a good kind of chaotic – as Wednesdays during Lent can be. After school pick up, a run through the drive thru, stop at church for the evening service I discovered they weren’t holding this week.

And so now as the clock swings around to a new day, I yawn and realize I’m up way too late. The little snores and sighs I hear down the hall remind me that no matter what – Love will always find a way  back to us.

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