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April Foolishness & Spinach

April 1, 2011

Spinach planting

Planting spinach several years ago in the flower garden.

It’s April 1 so I can plant my spinach. By this time of year I’m eager for the taste of  fresh homegrown greens.

Why do I remember April 1 as the date? It’s the connection to perhaps the scariest and most memorable April Fool’s day in my life back in high school.

That early Spring my father had been battling a cold/flu. It was pretty unusual for him to be home and to be so ill. So we tiptoed around the house those afternoons and evenings so that he might rest in the upstairs bedroom of the farmhouse.

One afternoon I came home, surprised that my mother wasn’t there. Figuring she had run an quick errand, I settled in quietly so as not to disturb Dad’s rest. A short time later Mom arrived home and suggested we plant some spinach.

As we scattered the seeds in the cool, damp soil, I asked her how her day with Dad had been. She said,” Let’s get this done and  and then go down to the hospital to see your Dad.”

Whoa. . . wait a minute. Dad . . . hospital?

“Mom, you’re so tricky – April Fools right?”

Nope. she wasn’t fooling.

A troublesome rattling feeling in his chest spurred Dad to contact the family  physician. A trip into the hospital, diagnosis Pneumonia, IV antibiotics and hospitalization recommended.

Dad survived that experience, but it remains in my memory as one of the most unbelievable/coincidental April Fools ever.
So this evening, I think I’ll pop some spinach seeds in the herb garden outside my back door and dream of a fresh salad.

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