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Coming Out of a Fog

August 25, 2010

While I’ve heard a lot of complaints about the weather this summer – too hot, too humid, too rainy. I don’t think anyone experienced it quite as I did. It was simply a fog.

While it didn’t completely deplete me , and it sounds silly to say it out loud, I spent a good portion of the summer fighting a bone infection in my jaw. What started as a cracked tooth under a crown wound up through no human’s fault, as a summer of trips to the dentist, applications of antibiotics and even an emergency room trip made in excruciating pain. Things seems to be on the mend now – but did it ever take the wind out of my sails.

Perhaps it was God’s way of slowing me down and reminding me to be gentle with myself – but believe me the inner talk  or shall we say tongue lashings I have been giving myself about being weak and slow have not helped.

I’m looking forward to putting it behind me. The pain of a high crown and the subsequent bouts of swelling and infection (and to my surprise the ease of a root canal – what was I afraid of there!) taught me a whole series of new life lessons.

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