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Red Dog Blog – She stole my heart

March 7, 2009

Katrina - The Valentine

During our first romp in the snowy farm fields Katrina heard the click of the camera and was ready to ham it up.

Valentine’s Day 2009 – Jane was scheduled to arrive with Katrina after lunch. True to form – I worried. Were the directions OK? Would Katrina like us? Would we like her? It was almost as bad as a blind date.

I remember tweeting as the car came up the drive – “They are here. About to meet Katrina the dog. Will she like us?” My heart warmed as I discovered a number of reassuring tweeted replies from friends as I posted an update later.

I meet Katrina and Jane at the door and they came in. Katrina’s nose must have been working overtime – all the lovely new scents. . . people, other dogs, kitties. We did introductions. And then . . . the once over.

While I loved my ****er Spaniel – Nickie – he was well. . . a problem dog. He was very protective of food, would nip and bite at strangers (or anyone who irritated him.) It’s difficult to admit – and I worked very hard with him to make him a relatively good companion animal. Our vet had seen the work I had done and on that fateful day when Nickie crossed the Rainbow Bridge, the vet complimented me on what a fine dog owner I had been and what good work I had done to give Nickie a good life.

Having been through that experience – and being wiser. I put Katrina to the “test”. Could I pick up her paws? Tickle her between the toes? Touch her toe nails without lots of flinching and wiggling? (Makes grooming a lot easier.) Could I open her mouth? Look at her teeth? Put a treat down and tell her to wait? To give up an item in her mouth? She did all of these relatively easily for someone who had only known her and petted her for a short while. And Katrina seemed to regard our pre-schooler with curiosity – “Is that silly girl going to be mine?”

As a family we had decided that we would make up our mind that either we would take Katrina immediately or release her to the next candidate family. So after a quick consultation – Katrina became ours. Adoption papers were completed and Jane casually petted Katrina good bye and headed out the door. Reflecting back – that had to be bittersweet for Jane as Katrina had become part of her family. Kat sat at the back door looking a little confused until we went out to romp in the Valentine’s Day snow.

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