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Red Dog Blog – A Close Call for a Duck Tolling Huh?

March 5, 2009

Katrina relaxing

Ahh to relax on a comfy dog bed.

While the team at Illinois Humane weighed the options to help Katrina with her “bum” leg. A volunteer adoption coordinator listed the dog on on as a Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever.  Illinois Humane received an inquiry from British Columbia, a woman had just lost a Duck Tolling Retriever, was looking for another one and saw Katrina.

Because of uncertainty around her origin, Illinois Humane couldn’t guarantee Katrina’s pedigree. While she may look like a Duck Tolling Retriever ,there was no verification. Many thought she looked like a Golden Retriever mix and so the listing was changed.

Due to the great distance, the expense of shipping the dog, and other factors, this original inquiry ended short of any serious consideration.

On December 16, 2008, Katrina underwent the expensive surgery to repair the tears in her leg.  Her great disposition made her highly adoptable – so it seemed worthwhile to try to do whatever to relieve the pain. Coincidentally – or perhaps by divine design – December 16, 2008 was also the date that Sailor crossed the Rainbow Bridge. Might one dog have known that another would need a home?

While Katrina was in recovery, an Illinios Humane volunteer saw an episode of the Dog Whisperer that caught her attention.  She called the humane society president.  “You know,” she said, “Cesar Milan was working with a dog who was supposed to be able to work ducks, and yet this dog appeared to have no interest and some behavior problems.  Ceasar got this animal’s behavior straightened around, and the animal’s interest in ducks was brought to life.”  The volunteer added, “The dog looked an awful lot like Katrina.  It was a Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever.”

“Oh, gees!”  the president responded with laughter.  Internet research and contact with the Duck Tolling breed clubs followed to see if they would review a photo of the dog and a description of  her behavior,  to verify she might indeed be a Duck Tolling Retriever.

A short time spent on the breed websites couldn’t be more revealing that indeed Katrina was very likely had a Duck Tolling Retriever.  Tollers (as they are called) appear much like a small Golden Retriever.  The animals are more active than Goldens, are highly affectionate and yet they are sporting dogs with game instincts.  They are quick.  Katrina matched the descriptions.  And so Katrina’s listing was changed to read “Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever.”

The breed listing that attracted Katrina’s perfect home.  On January 25, 2009, just as Katrina had recovered sufficiently to once again be considered available for adoption, Illinois Humane received an inquiry. It was an inquiry from me.

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