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Red Dog Blog – Things that end in “ss”

March 1, 2009

Katrina in bliss

Katrina enjoys a belly rub.

You know how sometimes things go so well that you begin to wonder what might come along to upset it? It’s the things that end in “ss” – bliss and loss.

With the puppies adopted and the spaying completed, Katrina and her adoptive mom settled into a routine.  Until a fateful day in September 2008, when the adoptive mom passed away. A family friend assumed care of Katrina, but it became evident the arrangement was becoming too much work. So Katrina returned to Illinois Humane over weight and greatly favoring her rear right leg.

“Had anyone noticed anything wrong with Katrina’s gait or leg? ” Foster mom reported an occasional  “hitch to Katrina’s giddy up” but it hadn’t appeared to be anything consistent or serious.

Unfortunately with time something had cropped up.  The orthopedic specialist indicated there were two tears in the knee tendons, most likely caused by a twisting injury.  And yes, the injury was old, very old.  Could Katrina have suffered a leg injury at the time of the hurricane?  Perhaps her leg became stuck in something and she had to twist it out.  Whatever the case, the injury was very prominent now, and a fair amount of arthritis had set in.

Illinois Humane weighed the possibility of attempting surgery to save the leg, relieve the pain, and allow Katrina greater use of the leg.  There was a decision to make – amputate the leg, attempt surgery or do nothing and treat for pain.  As the decision was being weighed, Illinois Humane proceeding with listing the dog for adoption.

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