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February 27, 2009

Sailor - Cuddled on the sofa on her last earthly day

It was so deceptive - Sailor cuddled happily, cozily on the sofa on her last day. She could no longer walk - but was happy and alert to the very end.

People graciously expressed their sympathies about Sailor – it meant a great deal. They also asked if I thought I would get another dog. I figured . . . maybe Valentine’s day. And I once again missed the click of dog toes on hardwood floors.

The story of how Kat and our family connected is an odd one. . . but here it goes.

I missed Sailey and wondered if I’d ever find a dog so cool. And so “tortured” myself by looking at Humane Society websites. There was a dog in St. Paul – a ringer for Sailor – beagle/black lab, 6 years old, currently named Oreo. My husband Joe thought I had found our Sailor’s adoption photo from 6 years ago on-line. I knew it was a sign from Sailey that I was supposed to find another pup to share my love with. I’m sure the people from the Humane Society thought I was crazy as I called them in tears explaining that my dog had passed but the dog they had looked just like her and if that pup wouldn’t be adopted in time – that I would step in. Thank goodness they were polite, but puzzled. BTW – that Oreo was adopted out almost right away!

I went to the Land O Lakes Kennel Club show in St. Paul – hoping to possibly visit some second cousins who show English Setters. Instead I saw the cutest pup – a Nova Scotia someone said. So I started some research. Friendly, playful, they like water (good, because despite her nautical name and Black Lab lineage- Sailor sank like a stone when she fell off the pier at the lake!). This sounds like the kind of dog that would fit in out family.

A gray depressing January Sunday, I tuned into PBS to see a documentary on the pets of Hurricane Katrina. Tears and  waves of sadness engulfed me. But there was a spark – something from the sermon I had heard at church that morning. I struggled against the weight of the sadness and went to Petfinder online. I found a really cute dog on-line. But she was in Illinois. . . would they even consider out of state adoptions? Nothing ventured – nothing gained. So an email inquiry including a little background about us went out. By the next morning there was an answer – Yes out of state adoptions are possible. Fill out an application. Emails flew, records were exchanged, photos shared.

In a coincidental twist – the day we learned we were approved to adopt, the local portrait photographer (who had done a family photo and a pet portrait of Sailor) sent us some wallet sized photos of Sailor (he did not know she had passed.) So in her own little heavenly way, Sailor expressed her approval.

Arrangements were made to meet on Valentine’s Weekend near Milwaukee.

But the story isn’t quite that simple. . .

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