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Red Dog Blog – Sailor’s Story

February 24, 2009

Sailor - On the Beach at Afton, MN Oct 2005

Sailor post splash at the St. Croix River Beach in Afton.

Calling her Lady sounded too Jerry Lewis (apologies to Jerry Lewis fans and people with dogs named Lady). And Oreo just wouldn’t work – I knew I would try to shorten it to “O” – which would either sound like I was yelling “No” or looking for “Oprah”. The name issue resolved itself – when on our second full day together – she barked ferociously at any male black lab. I decided she swore like a Sailor – and Sailor became her name.

Sailor was about 6 when we got her. While not wanting to be fatalistic – we realized our time with her would be shorter than the traditional puppy to old dog scenario. So somewhere in the back of our heads we figured 6 years. This November was 6 years and passed without much notice. We knew she was getting older, moving slower, lots more gray on the muzzle and eyebrows. But then in December – a stroke. Legs flailing, head thrusting, eyes bulging – awful series of seizures left our Sailey barely able to walk. And so sadly, too soon it seemed, we needed to make the terrible decision. And on Tues. Dec. 16, 2008 – our Sailey winged her way to the Rainbow Bridge amid the angel wings of snowflakes. And I cried and cried and cried.

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