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February 23, 2009

Sailor - The "Bleagle" (Black Lab Beagle)

Sailor - Adopted in the Fall of 2003. She was less gray in the muzzle then and everyone asked how big my puppy was going to get.

Don’t get me wrong – I have a soft spot for just about every animal on the planet (although I’m not real thrilled about lizards.)

My pet owning “career” started early – growing up with a great assortment of kitties, dogs and ponies on my parents’ acreage in the “sticks”, outside of Milwaukee, WI.

My “first” real dog – that was “mine all mine” – was a sassy blonde ****er Spaniel named Prince Nicholas – Nickie. Sadly he had a bad temper, but we worked really hard at training  and he became a pretty decent companion. He went to the Rainbow Bridge in October 2002 – taking a chunk of my heart with him. It was old age (he was 14) and congestive heart failure. I cried more before euthanizing him than after. It was hard.

Our little house in South Minneapolis wasn’t a home without the clicking of dog claws on the hardwood floors. Oddly enough – a month later – while out on the internet – a cute adult “pup” – surfaced on the screen before me. I drove all the way to Siren, WI to meet her. She seemed eager to please, and had a quirky doggie sense of humor. So at my wedding anniversary dinner, I boldly announced to my husband that I had found someone and fallen in love (in retrospect – not a very nice joke). So several days later we went together to meet “Lady/Oreo”. She became ours – or we became hers.

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