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A Place to Call My Own

January 28, 2009

Don’t let the title scare you. . .No I didn’t leave my husband.

I’ve had the great opportunity to do some writing recently – for others. But something clicked, like it hadn’t in ages. Delightedly my muse is back!

I don’t think I’ve been so excited about writing since I was a kid – and I don’t know that I’ve hardly ever been so excited about being excited. But enough on that for now.

Using the term muse recently – inspired the quirky title for this blog – hope I can keep it up (Doesn’t every blogger say that). Hope I can keep it interesting. . . wow I just sort of hope somebody every now and then provides a comment – for what I hope to be some refreshing little bits of whatever is flying around that day, week. . .

Went back to look up the term muse – just to be sure I was using it correctly – I’m funny like that. I was surprised and amused to see a reference to goddesses. Cool. . . didn’t realize it was also a reference to meditation – really like that idea and of course the whole inspiration piece makes me delightedly happy!

So I’m going to move in, arrange some furniture, get comfy and hopefully capture inspired thoughts that refresh the soul. Exciting times ahead. . .

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